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OxOn Trigger 750ml

Oxon Trigger 750 ml

The new miracle of pre-spotting!

If you already can’t do without Oxon laundry additive to remove stains and hygienise clothes, you will not be able to resist to the new entry in HygienFresh professional pre-spotters team!

The new OXON, thanks to its new formula with active foam and its practical trigger format to spray the product directly on the fabric, attacks the most stubborn stains by releasing active oxygen and surfactants that dissolve the stain, thus ensuring a more effective stain removing action without damaging the fabrics!


Inexorable on stains and delicate on colours and fibres!

Active even on dry stains!


Oxon Trigger will always live up to your expectations!

Spray it directly on garments, wait for 5 minutes and then do the normal washing cycle!
You will be surprised by how quickly even the most stubborn stains disappear!
A single wash will make clothes look like new again!


Oxon Trigger is perfect on both white and colourful garments!
Ideal for collars and cuffs!

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